The world is full of consulting firms that place greater importance on processes than on having experienced consultants who are tactful and have sound judgment; consultants, who are more focused on their career than on finding lasting solutions for their customers. Which is exactly why we believe that:

„You will like us.“

… because we stand for solutions with a sense of
… because we are independent and flexible.
… because we break new ground.
… because we ensure qualitative and quantitative
project return.

→ Activating reserves and systems
     in production and technology
→ Increasing the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
     and reducing lead times
→ Optimising support processes
     (procurement, maintenance, etc.) Reducing overhead costs (OVA)

→ Conducting market analyses
→ Process and organisational design
→ Introducing sales management systems
→ Coaching: from taking an order to selling!

→ Developing strategy and development concepts
     in select industries
→ Developing organic growth processes
     and purchasing strategies
→ Restructuring plans
     Management of the process up to interim management